Usability Labs

Usability Labs is experimental revealing of problems of the user interface, intended for reception of objective data about its quality. Results of usability-testing allow to raise success of system in the market and an overall performance of users, to save on the subsequent redevelopment of the interface.

Usability testing, generally, passes under the following script:

  • We create a list of the most frequency activities of users covering the most functionality of the system.
  • If it is necessary, we develop categories of typical users and we select several users on each category for participation in the testing.
  • We simulate working conditions and suggest the chosen users to execute the tested activities in the system or in the prototype of the future interface. At this time arising problems of users (questions, bewilderment, derivation, a mistake and so forth) are recorded.
  • The received results are analyzed. We create the report describing the problems of the interface, their importance, the possible reasons of occurrence of these problems, and the ways of their elimination.

If necessary, the interface is redesigned and tested again.

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