Offshore Software Support and Maintenance Services

Outsourcing software maintenance and support is a great way to eliminate a cost center and reap the economic advantages of offshore outsourcing. An in-house IT team may focus on more strategic tasks, while the tactical implementation of those tasks can be outsourced offshore. When handled in-house, unexpected, though necessary, maintenance work decreases the effectiveness of management, as these extraordinary maintenance tasks divert IT professionals from their planned tasks.

UFI Systems engages in several different types of partnerships with our clients to provide a dedicated trouble-shooting team to streamline patches and workarounds, and offer other recommendations for fine-tuning. UFI Systems employs Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to provide complete 24/7 support at all levels.

UFI Systems provides the following application maintenance and support services:

  • Bug fixing and trouble shooting
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Fine-tuning and improvement to product functionality
  • Research and design of new features
  • Assistance in deployment and implementation
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