Web Services Development

The Web services model is independent of whether the components being composed belong to the same organization or form a hybrid service using functions from many individual companies which empowers organizations to benefit from collaborative synergies of their trading community and to focus on their core business.

Your business may get the following benefits from using Web Services architecture:

  • Generation of new revenue streams by exposing and combining legacy applications and functions
  • Reducing complexity by wrapping functions or applications with standard interfaces
  • Achieve interoperability between systems by reducing up-front system knowledge
  • Improve efficiencies using open standards
  • Reduce maintenance costs while increasing enterprise flexibility when making improvements or alterations to enterprise-level business processes
  • Operate more agile by building an open, extensible, standards-based infrastructure

UFI Systems, Inc has strong expertise of Web Services implementation using both Microsoft and Java technologies through SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI protocols.

Please contact us for more details about our Web Services Development.

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