C++ Programming Services

C++ has many characteristics over other programming languages. It allows the reusability of code in a more logical and productive way. C++ is one of the most used and ported to different platforms programming language. The resulting code from a C++ compilation is very efficient, due indeed to its duality as high-level and low-level language and to the reduced size of the component itself.

UFI Systems, Inc provides high quality services of C++ programming. We implement complicated C++ projects on various platforms including MS Windows NT/2000/XP, MS Windows 95/98/ME, Linux/ UNIX.

Our C++ Programming expertise includes:

  • Standalone Applications Development(GUI, controls, business logics, etc.)
  • Server applications and components
  • Win 32 and daemons services
  • ActiveX
  • ISAPI filters
  • Distributed systems
  • Plug-ins

Please contact us for more details about our C++ Programming Services.

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